No Close-r To A Solution

| Working | June 20, 2013

(I want to switch the name on my internet account from my boyfriend’s name to mine, since I’m the one that pays the bill. I call the service center a little less than an hour before they close.)

Me: “Hello, I would like to change the name on the account to [my name]?”

Rep: “Oh, you have to do that online.”

Me: “I tried, but it won’t let me change the name on the account. It will only let me change my address.”

Rep: “Well, you have to change it online first and then we approve that change. I’ll transfer you to tech support and they can let you know how to do it.”

(She puts me on hold and then transfers me. I explain my situation again to the tech support.)

Tech: “Oh, well that has to be done in billing. You can’t change the name on the billing account online.”

Me: “But I just spoke to billing, and they transferred me to you.”

Tech: “Well, let me transfer you to someone else. I’ll explain the situation to them while I transfer you, so I’ll just put you on hold for a second.”

(After 20 minutes of being on hold, I finally get transferred. I have to explain my situation AGAIN. By now, I have been on the phone with this company for over an hour, which means that it’s now technically past their closing time.)

New Rep: “Oh, yeah, we have to change that on our end, but it’s past business hours so we can’t make any changes to your account. Just call us tomorrow and we can get it sorted out for you.”

Me: “…”

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