Epic Pale

| Working | June 21, 2013

(Note: I am 12 weeks pregnant. I am also very naturally pale.)

Nurse: “Okay, so all your blood work came back fine. However, I see that you’ve not been tested for anemia? ”

Me: “Not since being pregnant, but I’ve been tested a few times before because I’m pale but each time it comes back negative. It should be in my medical file.”

Nurse: “Well, anemia can develop during pregnancy, so we’d best check you just in case.”

(They run the test and of course it comes back negative. I return to the hospital four weeks later for a check up.)

Nurse: “Okay, your file says you’ve been tested for anemia but it was negative. I’d like to test you again because there is a chance that the results are wrong.”

Me: “I’ve been tested for it quite a few times. I’m not anemic. ”

Nurse: “Well, I’d prefer it if we make sure.”

(They run the blood test again, and again it comes back negative. I come back to hospital again four weeks later for my 20-week scan to check on the baby’s development and its gender.)

Nurse: “Okay, your file says you’re not anemic, but I really think you might be so I’ll order a blood test.”

Me: “I’ve had two blood tests for anemia in the last eight weeks. I’m not anemic; I’m just really pale.”

Nurse: “No, no, you can’t be that pale and be fine. It’s not natural. We’ll run a blood test.”

Me: “I’ve been tested a few times before my pregnancy and I was tested again eight weeks ago and AGAIN four weeks ago. Trust me: I’m not anemic.”

Nurse: “Well, better safe than sorry.”

(They take my blood and I’m about to go in for my scan when my mum finally shows up.)

Mum: “Sorry I’m late. Have you gone for your scan yet?”

Me: “No, just about to go in.”

Nurse: “And who are you?”

Mum: “I’m her mother.”

Nurse: “OH! You’re really pale too. You might not have anemia then. You might just be naturally pale.”

Mum: *to me* “Haven’t you been checked twice already?”

Me: “Yeah, they’re trying it a third time.”

(My mum tuts and we go in for my scan.)

Nurse: “Okay, looks like your baby is a girl. Congratulations!”

(My blood results came back, and believe it or not they were negative for anemia. Also, my baby turned out to be a boy!)

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