No Abuse, No Excuse

| Friendly | December 5, 2014

(Our big, loose collection of friends all hang out at the cafe. Any time of day, you could count on running into at least one friend. I announce to my three besties that I have figured out that I usually choose men who turned out to be abusers. I asked them to warn me if they see me with someone known to be abusive. Then I get involved with a man who I realize is an abuser and get out – but wind up having to have police protection due to highly credible threats. Talking about it with my friends:)

Friend: “Yeah, I know! I remember when he went to jail for beating up his ex-wife!”

(Silence (and jaws) fall.)

Me: “Do you remember me asking her to tell me if you saw me with a known abuser?!”

Friend: “Yeah… but I thought maybe he had changed, and wanted to give him a chance!”

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