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My Faith In Humanity Is Expiring

| Working | November 6, 2013

(I’m ordering pizza over the phone for delivery for the first time from a local place I’ve heard great things about. Everything goes smoothly until I try to pay via credit card.)

Me: “The card number is [number].”

Worker: “And the expiration date?”

Me: “August 2016.”

Worker: “2016? I’m sorry, but it’s not accepting that date.”

Me: “That’s odd. Maybe we can check the credit card number and retry.”

(I give him the number again, and he repeats it back to ensure he got it correct, which he did, but when we get to the expiration date he again says it won’t accept the date I’m giving him. We go through this whole thing one more time.)

Worker: “Are you sure you have the date correct? There should be like four numbers right around your name on the credit card, separated with a slash or something.”

Me: “Yes… it’s zero-eight-slash-sixteen. August 2016.”

Worker: “Oh wow, that’s it!”

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