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Not The Most Gifted Cashier

| Working | November 7, 2013

(I am exchanging a Blu-ray disc I received as a gift for the DVD version, which is a couple of dollars cheaper. Company policy states that a gift card is issued when a gift receipt is used in an exchange or return. There is a law in California that says a gift card valued under $10 may be redeemed for cash, and I happened to work at a different location of the store when the law went into effect a few years prior.)

Service Rep: “Since there is a difference in price, you’ll be receiving a gift card with the difference.”

Me: “Could I just get the cash? A gift card with less than $2 on it doesn’t do me any good.”

Service Rep: “Sorry, we only distribute gift cards. It’s rude to know how much somebody spent on your gift, you know.”

Me: “If I didn’t want to know, I wouldn’t have picked up the movie myself. I know that the difference is less than $2. If I get the gift card, I’m just going to redeem it for the cash anyways.”

Service Rep: “Nope, sorry, we can’t give you cash for a gift receipt. It’s against policy.”

Me: “Actually, you can give cash.”

(I start to explain the process before being interrupted.)

Service Rep: “No! We can’t do it. If you want the difference, you have to get it as a gift card.”

Me: *giving up* “Fine, I’ll take the gift card.”

Service Rep: “Is there anything else I can do for you today?”

Me: “Yes, I have a gift card here that has less than $2 on it, and I would like to redeem it for cash. Can I do that here?

Service Rep: “Of course!”

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