More Money Less Friendships

| Friendly | January 22, 2015

(My best friend and I spontaneously decide to go to a restaurant. We order a shared combo. Since we didn’t plan ahead, I don’t have a chance to go to an ATM beforehand.)

Me: “Hey, I don’t have much cash on me.”

Friend: “How much do you have?”

Me: *tells her*

Friend: “That’s not enough. You’re not allowed to eat as much.”

(During the entire meal, my friend kept reminding me to eat less and didn’t let me touch her favorite dishes. Later, her mom came to pick us up and offered to pay for the meal. My friend insisted that her mom paid for her share only and made me empty my wallet. Later, after a similar incident, I called her stingy and she got really offended. She ran off to fetch a dictionary so that she could read out the definition to me and prove that she’s not stingy. Needless to say, we didn’t remain friends long.)

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