Misses The Time When A Drink Was Just A Drink

| Related | April 1, 2014

(My teenage daughter, my mother, and I are in a cafe when my daughter notices a QR code on her slushy drink. She tries to scan it with her phone, but for some reason it won’t work.)

Daughter: “Mum, can you try?”

Me: “Yep, give it here.” *I try and scan it several times, but there’s obviously a problem as the scanner can’t pick it up*

Mum: “What are you doing?”

Daughter: “Trying to scan the QR code. I think it’s got an error.”

Mum: “What’s a QR code?”

Daughter: “It’s this here.” *she points at it* “You scan it with a reader.”

Me: “It links you to a website.”

Mum: *looking completely blank* “… Okay.”

Me: “We’re talking Greek, aren’t we?”

Mum: “Yeah. You are.”

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