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Marrying Together New Ideas

| Learning | January 14, 2014

(I’m walking around campus during alumni weekend, where some of my college’s older graduates (class of 1950) are revisiting. They are having a hard time adjusting to the changes.)

Older Woman: “Is this still [Dormitory Name]?”

Me: “Yes. Turns out it has never been changed!”

Older Man: “We used to try and sneak over here at night, but that was when it was just women’s housing.”

Older Woman: “Is it men’s or women’s housing now?”

Me: “It’s co-ed, as in both genders. It’s actually an all-freshmen dormitory now.”

Older Woman: “Men and women? So… like married housing?”

Me: “No.”

Older Man: “Well, what’s to prevent the men and women from going into each other’s dorms?”

Me: “Their mommy and daddy’s good teachings, I suppose. We trust our students here to make their own decisions.”

Older Man: “I can’t imagine how many pregnant women you all have here. D*** heathens!”

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