A Good Year (Advisor)

| Learning | January 13, 2014

(We are about to take our final lot of exams for tenth grade. We’re set up in the school’s hall with fold up desks. Our year adviser is transferring to another school, and it is his last year with us. At the beginning of the test, before we start, he decides to give us a nice speech on how proud he is of our year, and how he hopes we do great things in the future. Mid-speech, he sits down on one of the fold up desks at the front of the hall. The table collapses and he falls down with it.)

Year Advisor: *promptly getting up and shouting* “I’m okay!”

(A roar of laughter fills the room. After picking up the table and having a good laugh himself, he continues his speech and encourages us to do our best on our exams. After giving us an inspiring speech he gets up and shouts:)

Year Advisor: “ALL RIGHT! Now that I am done boring you to tears, who wants me to fall off the table again!?”

(The whole grade raised their hand. He sat on the table, kicking the legs to try make it fall once more. He was the best year adviser ever, and the last two years of high school were not the same without him.)

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