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Make Horrific Music Together

| Romantic | December 18, 2015

(My boyfriend, some of his friends, and I are at a diner together and they start talking about their current Dungeons & Dragons campaign, which is somewhat horror-based. My boyfriend’s character can “fleshcraft” – that is, he can literally mold flesh and bone like clay – and starts talking about a violin his character is going to create.)

Boyfriend: “So I’m gonna have the rib cage be the… the…”

Me: “Body.”

Boyfriend: “The body of the violin, and then I’m gonna take human flesh and leather it, you know, cure it and tan it and toughen it and then wrap it around the rib cage. Then the spine’s gonna be sticking out to form the… the…”

Me: “Neck.”

Boyfriend: “The neck, and I’m gonna use entrails to make the strings. Then I’m gonna take phalanges to make the… the…”

Me: “Tuning keys.”

Boyfriend: “The tuning keys.”

Me: “And make the femur into the bow?”

Boyfriend: *looks at me* “This is why I love you.”

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