Looking At Life Through Google Goggles

| Right | June 12, 2016

(I work at a drop-off location for a popular shipping service. People who weren’t home to receive their packages can come to pick it up at our location at a later time. We’re about to close for the night when this customer comes in with his pick-up notice.)

Customer: “I need my package tonight! Please!”

Me: *taking a look at his notice* “Unfortunately, sir, the notice specifies that your package is at our sister location at [Other Side of Town].”

Customer: “But I googled the address! It has to be here!”

Me: “I understand, sir, but unfortunately we’re not located at [sister location at Other Side of Town]. May I suggest next time you phone to confirm an address first when Google’s information seems doubtful?”

Customer: “NO! GOOGLE IS NEVER WRONG! I wanna speak to your manager! This is unacceptable! He has to fix this!”

(We let him rant until he ran out of steam and left.)

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