Loaning And Moaning

| Learning | January 27, 2016

(I just got all my student loan information, and I’m ready to pay my tuition. Rather than a cheque, the government has sent me a special form. I give that to my college, and then my student loan cash goes straight from the government to my college. The instructions that came with the form said I have to give it to the Office of Business Affairs. Every time I walk by, the office is closed. The expiry date on the form is fast approaching and I’m getting desperate. One day, at 12:50, the sign on the door says they’ll be back from lunch at 1 pm, so I just camp out outside the door until they open. The office opens at 1, and I sprint inside.)

Me: “Thank goodness I finally got you guys when you’re open! I need to get my student loan processed.”

Clerk: “You don’t do that here.”

Me: “What?”

Clerk: “You do that upstairs at the Financial Aid Office.”

Me: “So I’ve been trying desperately to get in here for nothing?”

Clerk: “You’re like the seventh one this week who tried to bring their student loans to us. Who keeps telling you to come here?”

Me: *showing her the instruction letter* “The government.”

(Next time I walked by the Office of Business Affairs, there was a note on the door saying that the government was wrong, and students loans were processed at Financial Aid.)

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