Knack Attack

| Friendly | September 22, 2016

(My classmates and I are doing an intensive course where we’ve all been cooped up together in the same room for six hours a day, six days a week. We decide to celebrate our “weekend” by going to the pub. We start talking about our families.)

Classmate #1: *a man* “Well, I’ve got—”

Classmate #2: *a younger woman* “A sister. No, two sisters. Older than you. When you were kids you were a little sh*t to them.”

Classmate #1: “Yeah… How did you know that?”

Classmate #2: “It’s a knack.”

Classmate #1: “Can you do it with anybody?”

Classmate #2: “Almost anybody as long as I’ve seen them interact with a large enough group of people over a long enough period of time. I’m usually only wrong if someone has more than three siblings.”

Classmate #3: “Can you do me?”

Classmate #2: “Middle child… Younger sister, older brother.”

Classmate #3: “Yeah!”

(We go around and Classmate #2’s record is pretty impressive, about 90%.)

Me: “Bet you won’t get me.”

Classmate #2: “You could be an only child, but you’re not. A twin. Twin sister. No other siblings. Am I right?”

Me: “How?! My twin just came out as trans a couple years ago! I didn’t know I had a sister until then!

Classmate #2: *shrugs* “Knack.”

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