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Just Witnessing Something Amazing

| Friendly | May 8, 2014

(I’m not from the area, so I do my best to stay at the bus stop and try not to miss the bus. One day a group of people approach me as they walk down the street.)

Stranger: “Hello! Would you like some information on better living?”

Me: *thinking she means a health or alternative energy pamphlet* “Sure!”

(Instead she hands me a booklet with a list of Bible passages and their interpretations by a preacher at their church.)

Stranger: “I don’t think I’ve seen you around here, but there’s always room in our congregation for one more! You can go home and look the passages up in your Bible and come discuss them if you like!”

Me: “I’m actually Pagan, although I went to a private school where we got our own Bibles for religion classes. I haven’t read mine in years, so it’s at my parents’ house, filled with my annotations about which parts contradict each other and which ones coincide with Pagan traditions.”

Stranger: *stares at me somewhat astonished and looks to her companions for support* “Um, well, maybe you could borrow one…”

Me: “I may just look them up on the Internet. However, I’m not looking to join a congregation right now. I’m already the President and High Priestess for my university’s Pagan Student Union. I’ll bring this with me to our next meeting and we’ll discuss it instead. How about that?”

Stranger: “That… that sounds fine… Um, farewell.”

Me: *cheerily* “Thank you. May your God be with you!”

Stranger: “Er… yes…”

(She and her friends walked off in a hurry, completely confused by their encounter with me. I bore them no ill will; I was just worried they would try to convert me and make me miss my bus!)