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How To Start A Relationship: Make Contact

| Romantic | December 10, 2011

(I am near-sighted and wear glasses. When I return to school in September, I have contacts. They keep itching, so I switch back to glasses in mid-October. I am walking in the hall when I trip and my glasses fall off. A girl picks them up for me, but this girl is known for being a bully.)

Me: “Thank you. I’m so glad they didn’t break.”

Bully: “Why don’t you go back to your contacts? You looked so much nicer.”

Me: “Well, thank you. The contacts made my eyes itch. I just couldn’t adjust to them.”

Bully: “Oh, don’t be such a wuss. You should’ve just waited longer. Besides, glasses are ugly. No one will want to date a four-eyed freak.”

Me: “I don’t really care. I need them to see.”

(I start to walk away, but she keeps teasing me.)

Bully: “Haha! No wonder you’ve never had a boyfriend! Four eyes! Four eyes!”

(I try to ignore her, but I’m not watching where I’m going because I feel embarrassed, and trip again. This makes my glasses fall off again. Of course, she laughs at me. I pick them up when a boy, who happened to be the bully’s ex-boyfriend, comes out of the bathroom and asks what’s going on.)

Bully: *to the boy* “Hey, tell her how ugly she looks! She thinks she looks so cute with those glasses!”

Me: “No, I said I don’t care how I look. I need them to see!”

Bully: “Tell her she should go back to her contacts!”

Boy: “Why would I do that? I think if she’s wearing glasses, contacts probably hurt her eyes.”

Bully: “But, doesn’t she look so ugly? Tell her glasses are ugly!”

Boy: “If anyone is ugly, it’s you with that attitude of yours! For the record, I happen to think she’s very adorable with her glasses. In fact…”

(He comes up to me.)

Boy: “Can I have your number, please?”

Me: *in disbelief* “Really?”

Boy: “Oh, yes, please! It would be so nice to date a girl who’s not obsessed with her appearance. May I?”

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