How To Cheese Off The Cashier

, | Working | August 20, 2015

(The restaurant normally sells hamburgers for $.89, but they are having a special where two cheeseburgers for $1.00. I don’t eat cheese.)

Me: “I’d like two cheeseburgers, no cheese, please.”

Employee: “So, two hamburgers?”

Me: “Yes, but since cheeseburgers are cheaper now, I want the cheeseburger special. So, cheeseburgers, but no cheese.”

Employee: “We can’t do that.”

Me: “Why not?”

Employee: “It’s not a cheeseburger.”

Me: “Can I get it without pickle?”

Employee: “Sure, how ever you want it.”

Me: “Without ketchup?”

Employee: “Yes.”

Me: “No mustard?”

Employee: “Yes.”

Me: “But not without cheese?”

Employee: “No, then it’s not a cheeseburger.”

Me: “But you realize, you have to pay for cheese, so you make more money this way.”

Employee: “But we can’t do that.”

Me: “Can I get the cheese on the side?”

Employee: “Sure.”

(The employee then took my order, and gave me two hamburgers with a French fry package with two slices of cheese in it. I took the cheese and tossed it in the trash can and walked out.)

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