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Has No Street Smarts

| Learning | July 23, 2014

(A former classmate organized a reunion dinner for those who took Japanese class in high school. The teacher, who is near retirement age and a bit slow at technology, gets lost on the way, and we spend over an hour giving her directions by phone. By the time she arrives, everyone has finished eating and the restaurant is closing.)

Classmate #1: “I’m so sorry, Sensei! I should’ve picked somewhere closer!”

Teacher: “No, I’m sorry for being late. I tried to follow your directions, but the street names were confusing.”

Classmate #2: “What kind of phone do you have? Maybe next time you can use the GPS on your phone. Let me see.”

(The teacher shows him her iPhone.)

Classmate #2: “See! You do have a smartphone!”

Teacher: “Yes. But I am not smart, so I don’t know how to use this one.”

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