Has It Back To Front

| Working | May 8, 2017

(I had taken a day trip by bus to a nearby town to buy a steam cleaner for a better price than in my hometown. The box is large enough to block everyone if I carry it, so I wait for everyone else to walk past me before I get up. As I turn to exit, the doors closes behind the last person and because the engine is still running naturally I try to get the driver’s attention by waving in the mirror, but fail as people are coming on and keeps her occupied. I stand aside to let people pass me before I rush up to the driver who, in that time, started driving away and I start to panic a little.)

Me: “Excuse me, I wanted to get off here.”

Driver: “Err, there’s a door in the back for that.”

Me: “Yes, but the door closed so quickly.”

Driver: “Okay, then there’s a door in the front.”

(As if I got the chance to use either…)

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