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Gray, Green, Same Difference

, , | Right | March 15, 2008

(I was working at the paint desk, and it was on my first day of being trained how to mix the paint using the codes on the color swatches.)

Customer: “One gallon of this color, please.” *hands me a forest green color swatch*

Me: “Okay.”

(I mix the paint, my manager watching the paint can come out of the mixer and I pop the top off to make sure I didn’t screw up. And lo and behold, the paint is gray, not even close to the green he asked for.)

Me: “I am sorry, sir, I will have my manager re-do it for you. I am sorry about the wait.”

Customer: “No, no, don’t worry about it… that color is close enough.” *takes can and walks off*

My manager: *look of utter confusion*