Going To Great Lengths

| Right | May 18, 2017

(In this business you get two choices on how big you want your sub to be. There is a foot long and the smaller six-inch version.)

Me: “Hello.”

Cashier: “Hello, what kind of sub would you like?”

Me: “Italian bread, six inch foot-long.”

(The cashier stares at me with a confused look.)

Me: “An Italian bread, six-inch foot-long.”

Cashier: “Uh…”

(I am start to try to figure out what’s wrong to no avail. About one minute of awkward staring has gone by when the cashier speaks up.)

Cashier: “There are foot-longs and then there are six inch. It’s impossible to do both.”

Me: “Wait, what…”

(My brain finally starts working again.)

Me: “Sorry, I want a foot-long.”

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