Going Into A Song And Dance Over It

| Romantic | June 15, 2015

(The dancing for everyone at our wedding reception has just started; my new husband and I are on the dance floor.)

Me: “Great song!”

Husband: *smiles* “Yeah, it is!”

(The next song starts.)

Me: “Oh, man, I love this song!”

Husband: *gives me a funny look*

(The next song starts.)

Me: “I love this song, too!”

Husband: *laughing at me*

Me: “What’s so funny?”

Husband: “[My Name], we literally spent a month not only picking out every single song the DJ is going to play but also the order he’s going to play them in!”

Me: “…Oh, yeah. Well, our great taste in music is one of the reasons we’re perfect for each other!”

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