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Flying Like A Fat Cat

| Working | October 10, 2016

(I’m going on a long trip and have to board my cat. He’s a sweetie, but he’s a huge grey tabby, nearly 20 pounds. Not fat, just gigantic. As such, his crate is one normally used for dogs.)

Me: “Hi, I’m here to have my cat boarded. I have a reservation.”

Receptionist: “Yes, I see. Is this your cat?”

Me: “Yes.”

Receptionist: *looking inside the crate* “Um, sir? We don’t take exotic animals.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Receptionist: “That’s some sort of bobcat or something. We can’t board exotic pets.”

Me: “No, he’s just a cat. He’s big, but he’s a cat.”

Receptionist: “Are you sure?”

(My cat at that point, since he doesn’t like being crated, had the decency to meow. I open the crate so they can see him fully.)

Receptionist: *still a little concerned* “My god, he’s huge!”

Me: “Yeah, but he’s the sweetest thing.”

(I pick him up and he holds onto me as he’s a bit nervous with the new place.)

Receptionist: “Okay…”

(When I came back from my trip, they all were gushing at how friendly my cat was… the Gentle Giant.)

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