Finally Reached Your Tea Total, Part 3

| Related | December 3, 2015

(My stepdad has just had a hip replacement and my mum also needs one. She has a bad foot, too, and is tired and in pain. I’ve been helping out a lot for them both as they can’t do a lot on their own at the moment.)

Me: *asks Stepdad in the living room* “Hey, do you need anything? I’m making tea.”

Stepdad: “Oh, yes, please.”

(I go through dining room where Mum is sitting, into the kitchen.)

Me: “Mum, do you want tea?”

Mum: “Sure, thanks.”

(I make the tea and deliver it to relevant people along with a pen for my stepdad to do the crossword with.)

Me: *to mum* “Okay, do you want or need anything else before I go back to my coursework?”

Mum: “I don’t think so.”

(I’m about to leave when she calls me back.)

Mum: “Oh, hang on. Could you put more milk in this tea? It’s got that tea taste.”

Me: “…Isn’t it meant to?”


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