Deafly A-Mew-sing

| Related | December 4, 2015

(My grandmother is looking for my cat, Tiger Lilly, who about an hour ago had followed me into my room, as she is wont to do when she gets lonely.)

Grandmother: “Lilly, where are you?”

Me: *shouting* “She’s in my room!”

Grandmother: “Lilly!”

Me: *still shouting* “I just said she’s in my room!”

Grandmother: “Lilly! Where are you?”

Me: *shouting even louder* “Tiger Lilly is in my room! Sitting on my bed! With me!”

Grandmother: “Lilly!”

Me: *to the cat* “She’s not going to listen to me, is she?”

(I gave up and waited. About fifteen minutes later she finally came to my room and asked me if I had the cat with me, but until then we had to listen to her walk all over the house calling her. We go through this about three times a week and I can’t understand why she doesn’t just check with me first to see if I have her.)

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