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Unfiltered | January 16, 2017

(I work in a fast food drive thru. My co-workers and I have headsets on to listen to the customer’s orders from their cars. Sometimes they are hard to hear, which is why we either read the order back to them or confirm their order at the drive thru window.)

Co-worker (on headset): Welcome to [restaurant], I can take your order whenever you’re ready.

Customer: I’d like a cheeseburger, two waters, and a Frosty. (We work at a rival fast food place to Wendy’s and do not have Frostys.)

Co-worker: Okay, that will be [price]. Thank you.

Me: Didn’t she say she wanted a Frosty?

Co-worker: I thought she said ice tea…

(When the customer came to the window, my co-worker asked her about her order. The customer was confused and seriously thought she was at Wendy’s!)

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