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(I work in a high-end clothing store, we close at 8 but sometimes let people come in and do a quick purchase or return at the end of the day if the registers are still open. We have a list of people who are blacklisted from returning -it’s a large company and these people have a return history that looks like they’re scamming. We take an ID when people do cash returns so they can be checked if they’re on this list.)

Customer: I need to do a return. *throws receipt in general direction of cashier*

Cashier: Alright, ma’am, do you have photo ID on you? It’s company policy for cash returns.

Customer: Yeah, sure.

(the manager was next to them while this happened so she quickly checked the list of do not returns and this woman was on it.)

Manager: *looking at ID* I’m sorry ma’am, we’re actually not able to make this return for you.

Customer: Why not? You said you could do it. I don’t want any of this and need to return it *gesturing to her pile of about $2000 of cashmere*

Manager: (we can’t actually tell them they’re on this list, we just have to give them the number to the corporate office) We just are unable to do this return. You can call the corporate office and talk to them about it, but I can’t do anything for you.

(at this point the customer is getting upset, cursing and yelling, and the manager asked her to leave and she was escorted out by our security. She proceeded to stand at the window glaring in at us as we closed. She was asked to leave, refused, warned we would call the cops, refused, so we called the cops and she didn’t leave until she heard the guard giving her description to the manager for the police. I don’t know if she ever actually made her return, but we haven’t seen her since.)