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Ducking From Discipline

| Learning | September 15, 2013

(Our eighth-grade teacher was the former kindergarten teacher at our school, so although most of us knew her, we didn’t know what to expect from her.)

Teacher: “Okay, now I know you’re teenagers who just got back from summer vacation, but if I’ve learned anything from teaching kindergarten it’s that you have to start discipline early.”

(The teacher notices that the class is too busy talking and chatting to listen.)

Teacher: “One, two, three… You asked for it!”

(She grabs the large chalkboard erasers from their holders and holds them above her head.)

Teacher: “DUCK!”

(The class screams and dives under their desks.)

Teacher: *calmly* “This is how you will behave from now on, because now you know I’m crazy enough to handle you!”

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