Do You See What I Si

| Indiana, USA | Working | March 19, 2013

Employee: “Oh, this is a good vacuum. You’re really going to like it.”

Me: “Yeah? Cool.”

Employee: “Yeah! And it’s got a lot of silicons! That gives it more strength to pick up stuff!”

Me: “Sili… silicons?”

Employee: *points to the box* “See! This is made with six silicons! So it has more power!”

(I read where the box states how many ‘cyclones’ the vacuum has.)

Me: “Oh, yeah. It’s got a good number of cyclones.”

(The employee gives me an odd look and examines the box again.)

Employee: “It has six SILICONS! The more silicons, the better!”

Me: *giving up* “I… yes, absolutely.”

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