Digging Himself A Hole To The Rock Bottom

| Romantic | February 5, 2016

(My boyfriend and I have only been dating for a few months. He is well-known amongst his friends for putting his foot in his mouth or saying things that don’t really mean what he intends. He is, however, incredibly romantic, which often makes up for it.)

Boyfriend: “You know, hun, when I fell for you I hit rock bottom.”

Me: “Umm… excuse me?”

Boyfriend: *sees that I’m not giving him the response he intended* “Y- yeah… you know… I just hit rock bottom. I fell so far down.”

Me: “You know hitting rock bottom is a BAD thing, right? As in, you can’t get any lower?”

Boyfriend: “No, it’s a good thing! I fell so far for you that there’s nowhere left to fall!”

Me: “Ask anyone you know, and they’ll tell you that hitting rock bottom is a very bad thing. Are you really calling me the lowest of the low?”

Boyfriend: *sputters and unsuccessfully tries to defend himself*

Me: “I think you just hit rock bottom with that comment.”

(We got married last summer! Oh, and for the record, everyone we ask agrees that “hitting rock bottom” is NOT a compliment!)

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