Cranky About The Windows

| Learning | December 4, 2015

(I’m taking Electronic Music Recording as an elective in high school, one of only two girls in the class. Since we start off learning analog techniques involving cassette tapes before moving on to MIDI sequencing and computer software, our teacher likes to make fun of us for not being familiar with older technology.)

Teacher: “Well, most of you seem at least familiar with what a cassette is, but I don’t think most of your cars can play them. Heck, your generation is so spoiled! I bet none of you have ever had to shift gears or crank your car windows down!”

Classmate #1: “Nope! My truck has crank windows!”

Classmate #2: “Automatic ain’t a real car!”

(My classmates continue to yell over each other, before quieting down. Now, in this class, I’ve been one of the only students to recognize most of the songs he’s played for us like “Helter Skelter”. He points to me.)

Teacher: “And what about you, little missy? Got crank windows?”

Me: “No, but I drive stick and change my own oil!”

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