Common A-Salt

| Friendly | March 8, 2015

(I am a 27-year-old male and am eating lunch at a restaurant with my 22-year-old female friend. I have a genetic trait that causes me to have an unusually strong craving for salt, especially on things like French fries. My friend and I are sharing a basket of fries.)

Me: *picking up the salt shaker* “I will eat the ones over here because I like to put a ton of salt on my fries and I don’t want to pollute all of them.”

Her: “No, it’s okay. I love salt. Put it on all of them.”

Me: “Really?” *I start salting the whole basket heavily, but still being cautious and looking up at her to make sure I am not over-doing it*

Her: *grabs the shaker from my hand* “No, put more!” *starts pouring on the salt*

Me: “Will you marry me?”

Her: “No! Why? Are we salt-mates?”

Me: “Yeah, you’re my salt-mate!”

(We both laughed and ate our fries. We took turns periodically adding more salt until we finished them.)

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