Not Painting A Pretty Picture

| Friendly | March 7, 2015

(I grew up in rural Utah. The society is pretty standoff-ish to non-Mormons in these small towns, which is basically everywhere but the Salt Lake City area.)

Me: *showing off something I drew on my hand during class* “Look, [Cousin]! I think I did pretty good with this one!”

Devout Friend: *makes a face* “I don’t believe in paint-balling temples.”

Me: *thinking she meant it literally* “Oh no! When did that happen? That’s horrible that someone would do that!”

Cousin: “…she means you drawing on your hand. Mormons think your body is a temple and drawing on it is defiling it.”

(I didn’t say anything but the most annoying part is that she knew I wasn’t one of them. I had made the mistake of calling her years before on a Sunday morning to ask if we could play because I was bored and she called me back in tears saying how she wanted my soul to be saved. She’s more tolerant now, but she was known for these things when younger.)

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