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Color Me Pretty

| Romantic | August 11, 2015

(My fiancé comes home from work and sees that I have painted our dog’s nails hot pink. He’s not excited to take her for a walk in this state.)

Me: “…She wanted to be pretty!”

Fiancé: “How do you take it off? She doesn’t like it!”

Me: “She doesn’t know it’s there. She didn’t wake up while I was doing it.”

Fiancé: “So you assaulted her in her sleep?”

Me: “…No. Plus she’s color blind.”

Fiancé: “You don’t know that.

Me: “She’s a dog. She’s color blind.”

Fiancé: “She knows the difference between her leashes. They are identical besides being different colors. She gets all excited about the pink one because that means you’re taking her.”

Me: “Okay, she’s not color blind… But she likes pink.”

(I won.)

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