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Car Accidents Are Preferable To Death By Principal

| Learning | May 3, 2017

(At my high school, Driver’s Education is a standard course for sophomore students and upon completing the course we’re given a paper to get signed by the principal, which is referred to as a ‘blue slip’ due to the color paper it’s printed on. We then take the blue slip to the DMV and get our learner’s permit. The principal of our school is known for taking time to tell a story about an accident he was in as a teenager, where the only reason he survived was that he had his seatbelt on, as a reminder for us to wear ours whenever someone needs him to sign their blue slip. This happens when I go to get mine signed.)

Me: *knocks on the principal’s door, waiting for him to say I can come in before opening it a crack and seeing he’s in a meeting* “Oh, I’m sorry Dr. [Principal], I can always come back later.”

Principal: “No, no, it’s just your blue slip isn’t it?” *turns to the man he’s having the meeting with, then briefly explains the blue slip*

Me: “Yeah, but if you’re busy I can just come back later.”

Principal: “No, no, it’s no problem. Let’s get this over with for you.”

Me: *hesitates slightly before going and handing him my paper*

Principal: *while looking over and signing my blue slip* “Now, I can’t tell you my whole story because of the meeting, but you know the gist of it right?”

Me: “Yes, sir.”

Principal: *in one of those “could be joking but could be serious” tones* “So, I’ll just say that if I ever catch you driving without a seat belt, I’ll break your f****** kneecaps.”

Me: “Y-yes, sir…”

(My principal has since retired, and rest assured I have never forgotten to put on my seat belt.)

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