Cannot Change The Change Outcome

| Working | March 5, 2014

(I bought a DVD only to find it was a duplicate of one I had at home. I work for a similar store, so I know to leave the movie shrink wrapped and save my receipt. I return the next week and pick out a different, more expensive one.)

Me: “I would like to return this movie, since we already had it. Will you accept the return, even though it’s from the dollar bin? I have the receipt here.”

Clerk: “Sure, no problem.”

Me: “I would also like to purchase this one.”

(I put the more expensive DVD on the counter.)

Clerk: *rings up everything* “Here’s your change.”

Me: “No, I’m returning the dollar one, and buying the $5 one.”

Clerk: “Yep! Which means I owe you $4.24.”

(I stand there a moment, flummoxed that anyone could be that dumb. I look at my friend. I try to explain it a second time unsuccessfully, and we walk away.)

Me: “You saw that I tried, right?”

Friend: “Yep. You tried. When her drawer comes up short, it won’t be your fault!”

(I ended up giving the money to charity later!)

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