Bringing Him Up-To-Date

| Romantic | January 7, 2016

(My boyfriend and I are 25 and 27 and have talked about getting married and having children some day. I have been telling him a story that pertains to my boyfriend when I was in high school.)

Boyfriend: “I can’t believe your first boyfriend was 18 and you were 15! That just sounds so creepy!”

Me: “Why? Nothing happened; he was always respectful, and knew there were things I wasn’t ready for. My parents always knew where we were and he always brought me home at a reasonable time.”

Boyfriend: “But you were so young!”

Me: “So, you wouldn’t let our daughter date an 18-year-old when she’s 15?”

Boyfriend: “Absolutely not!”

Me: “Would you let her date a 17-year-old?”

Boyfriend: “No!”

Me: “Would you let her date at all?”

Boyfriend: *silence*

Me: “Oh, man, you’re totally going to be the one locking her in her room and I’m going to be the one getting a ladder for her window.”

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