Bringing Disorder To The Order

| Working | November 15, 2013

(Four of us have stopped at a roadside cafe for lunch, though only one of us is eating.)

Waiter: “I have hot dog and chips for table 26, and [lists three things] for table 27.”

My Dad: “The hot dog’s for [friend].”

(The waiter stands between the two tables, looking confused.)

Waiter: “Wait, what did you three order?”

My Dad: “Nothing, it’s just him who’s eating.”

Waiter: “Then what am I supposed to do with these dishes?”

Me: “Table 27, like you said.”

(I point at table 27, where a family of three are looking at him expectantly. He looks back and forth, and then offers me a plate of scrambled egg.)

Waiter: “Are you sure you don’t want that?”

My Dad: “No, we’re fine thank you.”

(My dad physically lifts our food off the waiter’s arm. A woman on table 27 follows suit. The waiter continues to look baffled as he walks away.)

My Dad: “This is why the place is losing money.”

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