Bone Achingly Lazy Versus Bone Breakingly Crazy

| Working | September 11, 2013

(I work in a bookstore in Colorado. My coworker went skiing the previous week, and broke her leg, arm, two ribs and a few muscles snapped and can’t come in. I see my manager pacing as we open.)

Manager: “Where the h*** is [coworker]?! She was booked in today!”

Me: “[Manager], she hasn’t been able to come in for nearly three weeks.”

Manager: “Well she should have asked for time off.”

Me: “She’s injured herself.”

Manager: “Whatever. It’s just a little fall; she should come in. I’m writing her up.”

Me: *horrified* “She fell over 75 feet down the mountain, a ski pierced her arm and she had some blood loss! I saw her in hospital last weekend and she was really in a bad state!”

Manager: “Not my fault. She should have asked for time off. I can’t help it if she wants to take this time off.”

(A week later, my coworker is back, but has to sit down at the registers as her leg is in plaster and she can’t use her right arm. She tries to smile anyway.)

Manager: “[Coworker], can you get that book for me?” *points to high shelf*

Coworker: “I have a broken leg. I can’t get up.”

Manager: “Oh shut up! You know you’re just a lazy, fat cow! Tell you what: if you get any more lazy and take any more time off without asking, I’m firing you!”

(My coworker is nearly in tears, but hobbles over to the shelf, with broken arm and leg, and uses a ladder. She’s trying hard not to scream in pain the whole time. 25 minutes later, she’s just managed to get the book, get down, go to the desk and put it in a required box. The manager comes up.)

Manager: *snatching it* “God, you’re f****** lazy.”

(My coworker complained to the owner, who fired the manager immediately. My friend is now much better!)

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