Very Personal Shopper

| Working | September 10, 2013

(I am going grocery shopping, and have also bought a new wok. I am in line, and the young man in front of me has a lot of groceries, including pots and pans, cleaning supplies, a dustpan and brush, and also another wok. The cashier doesn’t start ringing him through.)

Cashier: “Setting up home for the first time?”

Guy: “Uh, yeah, I just moved out.”

Cashier: “Couldn’t your mum help with this?”

Guy: “Uh, my mum’s… I live with my dad.”

Cashier: “Oh. I guess he wasn’t much use to you. Put all that back in your trolley.”

Guy: “What? Why?”

Cashier: “Look, the guy behind you has got a wok too. His cost him £10; yours will cost you £23.” *starts shouting to coworkers* “Can someone come and take over this till please!?”

Guy: “Uh…”

Cashier: “Come with me; I’m taking you shopping!”

(The cashier proceeds to take the guy around the store, putting back what he’d got and getting cheaper/longer lasting alternatives!)

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