Bobbing Her Mouth Up And Down

| Related | November 18, 2015

(My nieces and I are discussing naming inanimate objects while at a family picnic. My sister is listening but doesn’t have a filter between her brain and mouth. My nieces are adults and are fed up with being embarrassed in public by their mother.)

Me: “My car is called Lucy.”

Sister: *loudly* “Hahaha, my vibrator is called Bob.”

Me: “Ewww, that’s sick.”

Sister: *again, loudly* “What, you have a problem with me having and naming a vibrator? BAHAHAHA!”

Me: “No, I have no problem with that, just the fact that you named it after Dad.”

Sister: “BAHAH… What do you mean, named it after Dad? His name is Robert.”

Me: “And he is also known as what?”

Sister: “Oh… s**t.” *goes red, shuts up, and walks off*

Niece: “BAHAHA. Finally, someone got her to shut up.”

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