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A Wordy Thera-pee

| Related | December 24, 2012

(My aunt, uncle, and cousin are visiting from California for the holidays. My cousin has just turned 2, and his parents realize they have run out of diapers. My Uncle goes to the store while my cousin is in the bath. The bath is over before my uncle returns with more diapers. My cousin gets out of the tub, and is running around the house naked. He stops and pees on the floor.)

Aunt: “Oh, s***!”

Cousin: *jumping up and down in his pee puddle* “Oh, s***! Oh, s***!”

Aunt: “No honey, Mommy said, ‘Oh, shoot!’”

Cousin: *still jumping up and down* “Oh, Shoot! Oh, Shoot!”

Aunt: “Well, that was easy.”

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