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A Fountain Of Misinformation

| Related | September 12, 2015

(My sister and I are discussing art and artists, and the conversation turns to modern art. Note that I am an art major; my sister is not.)

Sister: “I’m just saying, one time during an art exhibition somebody dropped a glove, and everybody started walking really carefully are it, ’cause they weren’t sure if it was ‘art’!”

Me: “Well, you know, there is the Fountain. You know, that one that’s just an upside-down toilet? What was the guy’s name, Rene DuChamps…? No, I think that’s a philosopher…”

Sister: “Look, I don’t know anything about art, okay? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

(Since ‘The Fountain’ is not exactly an unknown piece, I decide to test my sister’s knowledge.)

Me: “Who painted the Mona Lisa?”

Sister: “Leonardo DiCaprio?”

(At this point I’m restraining laughter.)

Sister: “Well, I got it half right. Point is, I don’t really know much about art. I don’t even know what Galileo painted! I think it was some roof.”

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