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23 Funny Stories About People Who Don’t Really “Get” Art

| Right | July 28, 2020

Dear readers,

We’ve all been to an art gallery. While many of us (including all the NAR Editors) might not always understand what the art is about (banana on a wall?) we’d like to think that most of you know how to behave in an art gallery, or understand what art is for and how to appreciate it.

Then there are some people… who do not. We’ve rounded up 23 funny stories about long-suffering workers in art galleries, museum staff, and others who have had to deal with some truly artistic misbehavior.


Suffering For Art – How many times has the “no photography” rule been interpreted as a suggestion?

How Artists Draw Blank Faces – Please do not confuse the art with the staff.

The Art Of Parenting – Your children broke it, you bought it!

Window To A Different World – Modern art could be anything in the room… literally.

A Formless Complaint – We’ll file this story under “…what?!”

The Art Of Ignorance – Machiavellian schemes to undermine your knowledge.

Not What They Pictured – You obviously don’t look artsy enough.

Knocking The Wind Out Of Your Sails – Taking some artistic license with history.

Not The Best Way To Spread Your Art – That’s not how art galleries work… thank goodness!

Well That Figures – Warning: This story contains nudity… and hilarious naivity.

A Scary Lack Of Mummies – It’s scary how many people know what art isn’t.

A Fountain Of Misinformation – Galileo let me go!

Doesn’t Quite Get The Prints-iple – This is an artist’s problem that is sadly not quite original.

Making You Feel All Kinds Of Blue – The brochure for the art show took longer than the art for the art show.

Not Going To Option This Art – Art enthusiasts can be snobs, but then again so can the artists.

The Power Of The Penis – This story is about to… ahem… erupt.

This Museum Is A Snore – When you appreciate art so much you fall asleep.

Relate It Like A Statue – Heart attack meets statue attack.

Un-Beaver-able – This display is fantastic, if not fantastical.

Realistic Crafts, Unrealistic Expectations – Those who are not artists have no idea of the amount of effort that goes into creating it.

Oh, What’s A Little Third Degree Burn Anyway – Making art is a process, often dictated by science!

Scientifically Objectified – Art majors, the underdogs of academia.

Art Always Gets A Pass – And finally, a feel-good story about someone who truly appreciates art, and art lovers.


We hope you enjoyed this eclectic gallery of artistic stories. Know any stories we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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