A Few Holes In His Knowledge

, | Working | April 30, 2014

(I stop in a popular doughnut and coffee chain for some doughnut holes, which they sell in the same variety of flavours as their doughnuts. The very young man behind the counter has a badge that says ‘TRAINEE’ and his trainer behind him can’t be much older.)

Trainee: “Can I help you?”

Me: “I would like a box of 20 doughnut holes please. Assorted.”

(The trainee takes a box, opens it, and takes a piece of parchment paper to the display case. He looks at the top shelf, the middle shelf, and the bottom, several times, before turning to his trainer.)

Trainee: “What flavour is ‘sorted’?”

Trainer: “‘Assorted.’ It means he wants two of each.”

Trainee: “Oh, yeah.”

Me: *laughing* “Young man, you just made my day!”

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