A Contract Sealed With A Kiss

| Romantic | June 28, 2012

(I’m at my boyfriend’s place and he is setting up his new sound system.)

Me: “I am going to use your laptop.”

Boyfriend: “Can I use it to check something first?”

Me: “I will charge one kiss per minute that you use it.”

(8 minutes later…)

Me: “You owe me 8 kisses now.”

Boyfriend: “Well, do I have to pay it all today or can I pay over time? And if so, I’m assuming there will be interest involved, and would that be yearly, monthly or daily interest?”

Me: “Hmm, whichever is most beneficial to you. My interest rate is %150.”

Boyfriend: “Well I feel like hourly interest would put me into some serious kiss debt, so I will go with daily interest. If I pay 4 kisses today, then I will owe you 6 tomorrow.”

(He kisses me 4 times, mid kisses, he stops and states that we are dorks, then finishes kissing me.)

Boyfriend: “Hmmm. I may need to borrow 2 more kisses.”

(He kisses me twice.)

Boyfriend: “Now I owe you 9 kisses tomorrow.”

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