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Unfiltered | June 6, 2016

During college, I found a part-time evening job running the arts supply store for a school at an art museum. The museum was in the front of the building, and those doors were left open to a certain hour. The school was in the rear of the building, and had separate doors, left unlocked later. Job one was selling supplies to the students. Job two was locking the front doors. This pack of little old ladies would show up through the front doors at the last moment, and plant themselves in the office that buffered the supply store from the front doors. It was always a rush for me in the shop. They’d call the museum from the museum phones, which I couldn’t answer, since I was selling pencils, erasers, etc. Then they’d complain to the museum they didn’t get adequate attention, and demand admittance to the next museum opening with free food and booze. I was fussed at for their complaints. Started locking the front doors as soon as I got there. Explained to the instructors that students had to come in the back doors. Problem solved.