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Unfiltered | June 7, 2016

(I very young when we went into a gift shop near a very famous ride, I was with my family when i remember something i saw which was interesting)

Me: Mommy I wanna go get something.

Mom: wait first will go there together.

(at this point the people from the rides come to buy things like Toys or snacks and I was lost in the waves of people, I was lost and Alone and began to cry)

Me*cries* Mommy

Stranger: *foreign language i assume is Chinese*

( I was able to make out that They were discussing If i was lost or not and the Strangers pull me to register (side note they weren’t being rough but were being very friendly)

Strangers: ( to the Cashier) *foreign language*

(The lady their announced That I was lost and i was reunited with my family Those people were the reason i am able to be with my Family)

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