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Unfiltered | June 5, 2016

I had just taken my 2 week old daughter to get her blood drawn for labs at a hospital downtown. My friend is carrying the baby seat and I’m carrying the baby in my arms. The hallway is empty except for two women from housekeeping. As I pass them they call out to me.

Housekeeper 1: Excuse me miss!

*I turn around, thinking perhaps I had dropped something* Housekeeper 2: Can we see your baby?

Me: Of course! *I walk back and pull back her blankets while the housekeepers coo and exclaim. Suddenly one of them notices my pentacle necklace*

Housekeeper 1: Oh! So are you going to baptize her? ”

Me: *taken by surprise* Um no. Neither I nor her father is Christian…

Housekeeper 1: That’s too bad….