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Unfiltered | May 7, 2016

(I’m in a well-known second hand store, buying clothes with a friend. This happens while she’s in a dressing room. Keep in mind, employee uniforms are green or blue shirts with HUGE logos on them, front and back. I’m in a yellow, completely plain shirt)

Customer: (shaking two pillows at me) Excuse me, how much are these?

Me: I’m sorry?

Customer: What tags are half off today?

Me: Oh, the pink tags.

Customer: So are these on sale?

Me: No, those have yellow tags.

Customer: Yellow tags, yellow tags….so these are 4.99?

Me: I guess so.

Customer: Ok, thank you! Say, where are the pajamas?

Me: Um, I don’t know? Sorry.

Customer: (as she walks away, shaking her head) For God’s sake, you work here and you don’t even know where the damn pjs are??

Me: But…I don’t work here.