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Unfiltered | May 6, 2016

I helped a library visitor today. He’s nice, and I usually help him with e-mail, printing, and other computer related stuff. But today he brought his own laptop, that he said he had a work resumé on and wanted to send out to the potential employeer.

I find out he doesn’t have a memory stick, so we can’t take the document and plug it into one of our computers and easily print the resumé, so I ask him to set up his laptop and I’ll be right there. His own internet company has a poor connection, so we use our Wi Fi instead. At least that’s what I tried to do, but I’ve never connected Wi Fi to such an old laptop.

I ask him to go home and get his memory stick, so we can print. He says he doesn’t want to print, he wants to e-mail. And points to a hotmail icon. Not a document then. I have to explain to him he has his application saved on his e-mail, which is online, not on his computer.

We log onto one of our computers(which already has internet access), I help him with the e-mail, and it’s sent off.